Proactive Financial Planning and Investment Management to Help You Reach Your Financial Goals

Our services fall into two categories: Planning and Portfolios.  You can benefit from these core financial planning and investment management services supported by the significant resources of our local and regional experts.  With these services you also experience our high level of personal service to keep you on track towards your financial, family and retirement lifestyle goals.

Our firm is independent and so are our solutions.

Planning Services

Proactive Investment Management – Our unique, Investing Common Sense™ process builds an investment plan tied to your goals. We make sure you understand what you own and why you own it.

Retirement Planning – Today, retirement planning has never been more challenging. First, we help you shape a retirement plan that’s appropriate for you. After determining “how much is enough,” we track your progress through retirement and challenging markets, making sure you remain confident about your progress.

Family Wealth Planning – First, we start with your priorities, goals and desires and then plan with you to help achieve them. In many cases we help bring family members up to speed so that they understand the family’s financial direction. The focus of family wealth planning is gaining a more organized financial life and experiencing greater confidence in your family’s financial future.

Risk Management and Insurance Review – Wealth brings with it risks that are often unforeseen. We work with you selecting investments, insurance products, and other suitable tools to mitigate these risks and help protect your lifestyle and family.

Estate Planning – Collaborating with you and your estate planning advisors, we make sure you have the necessary legal documents in place to protect you and your family. It is also necessary to confirm that your current legal planning is in line with your goals. Where necessary, we help develop wealth transfer strategies designed to help ensure that your wishes are carried out efficiently.

Business Strategies and Concentrated Wealth Planning – You gain custom strategies for executives and business owners to help manage and diversify wealth held in private companies or through restricted stock.

Tax Planning – We join forces with your tax advisors to plan for your individual or business tax situation. By having all your advisors on the same page you help ensure the most advantageous tax plan.


We manage a variety of portfolios to meet the needs of most investors.  Click here to learn more about our portfolios.

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