Our services are designed to help a wide array of investors achieve their financial goals.  The focus of our practice is on addressing the needs of the following types of investors:


Working with investors who are planning for retirement – either in the near future or further down the road – we have been able to help them answer questions such as:

  • How much money do we need to be able to retire?
  • Will we have enough to make sure that we don’t run out of money in retirement?
  • How do we even start to plan for retirement?

Our 5-Step Investment Process helps us clarify pre-retirees’ goals and determine the best path to get there.  We have developed a sophisticated system to project an unlimited number of scenarios which can illustrate the impact of choices you make now and once in retirement.  Our advisors also assist clients as they transition into retirement to optimize other aspects of their financial lives such as Social Security benefits, estate planning, and tax planning.


Retirees typically have many questions about their finances in retirement such as:

  • What can we do to ensure that our portfolio provides income for the rest of our lives?
  • How do we protect our portfolio from severe stock market declines?
  • With interest rates so low, is there anything we can do to generate more income?
  • When is the best time for us to begin drawing Social Security?

Following our 5-Step Investment Process, we can help retirees answer these and many other questions. By performing a cash flow analysis we are able to determine how much income you will need in retirement.  We can then utilize our many investment options to optimize your portfolio so that it generates as much income as possible.

Business Owners

Business owners often focus the majority of their time on the multitude of tasks involved in managing their business and neglect their personal finances.  We can help business owners answer questions such as:

  • How do I make sure that I don’t miss out on investment opportunities and reduce the risk of my investments when I don’t have time to pay attention to them?
  • How do I begin preparing to sell my business?
  • What is the best way to accumulate assets outside of the business to help fund my retirement?

Our advisors can help business owners clarify and plan for their goals, desires, and dreams for retirement by using our 5-Step Investment Process.  We also assist with non-investment related issues such as estate planning and insurance needs analysis.

Another benefit we can provide to our clients who own their own business is that of a business advisor utilizing our financial expertise, experience in running a business, and extensive business education including an MBA from a Top-20 business school.


As a professional, there are many questions you may be wondering about such as:

  • Assuming my practice will not be worth anything when I quit working, when can I afford to retire?
  • Should I consider working part-time prior to retiring fully?
  • What is my optimal strategy to build wealth outside of my business/employer?

We can use our 5-Step Investment Process to help professionals answer questions such as these – and many more.  We can also assist in evaluating insurance coverages, ensuring your estate plan is in order, and determining a value for your practice.


The care and thoroughness of our proven, research-based Investment Planning Process provides answers to your financial questions.  To get your own answers we invite you to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation by contacting us at (904) 248-9871 or via our contact page.