Separate Accounts for Separate Goals™

Our Goals-Based approach to investing helps clients see how they are progressing toward each of their goals which differs from conventional investing methods that only strive to outperform a benchmark or index. Although performance is important, we feel it is more important to help our clients determine and reach their financial goals. The ultimate risk in investing is when you get to the finish line and the money that you need isn’t there.

We recommend “Separate Accounts for Separate Goals™” so that each financial goal has its own portfolio – a Separate Goals Account™, or SGA™ – which is tailored to the risk and reward profile that is appropriate for that goal.  We analyze clients’ willingness, ability, and need to take risk and combine this information with the time horizon until the funds are needed to determine how each account will be invested.

Active Management

We utilize individual stock positions, indexed exchange traded funds, smart beta exchange exchange traded funds, and active mutual fund managers. We choose investments with different yet complimenting strategies to build diversified portfolios in order to take advantage of opportunities in all segments of the stock and bond markets.

Evolving Asset Allocation

We believe that clients can take more risk with portfolios for long-term goals because they have more time to wait for the stock market to recover should it suffer a downturn. Goals with short time frames do not have the ability to wait for a recovery; therefore we invest for them more conservatively. Over time, as our client’s financial goals get closer, we gradually reduce the amount of stocks and increase the amount of bonds in the corresponding SGA™ portfolios to adjust their risk/reward profile.

Fundamental Investors

We do not think of stocks as merely ticker symbols with values that change from minute to minute. Rather, we think of buying stocks as owning a piece of a business and focus on the value of the companies behind the securities.  We are not market timers or rapid traders, rather investors focused on the long-term risk & reward of investments. We have no ability to predict where the market will be in one day, one week, or even one year but, based on our proprietary research, we know how to balance risk and reward to help our client’s achieve their financial goals.

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